A church’s name should reflect its mission.  The image of a table perfectly illustrates our mission in Kearney.


In Luke 14 Jesus tells a parable about what the Kingdom of God on Earth will look like.  He describes a banquet…

We envision our community looking being a lot like this.  God gathers all sorts of people at different points in life together around a table.

At The Table we:

  • Learn what it means to participate in God’s Kingdom
  • Connect with each other in spiritual conversation
  • Share in each others struggles
  • Encourage one another
  • Confess our doubts
  • Give thanks to God together

Most importantly, at The Table, we find that we all have something in common. We are in need of the same provision; Jesus, the bread of life.  No matter  where you are in life, you are invited to come have a seat at The Table.