10:00 A.M. Every Sunday 515 E. 56th ST

What To Expect

Our worship gatherings are designed to be space where you can engage God and others as they seek God.  Come as you are because it's ok to belong before you believe.  You will find our services Christ centered and simple.  

Our goal is to create a space where you can be honest and experience God, where you can be challenged by the scriptures and encouraged by friends; a place where you feel comfortable inviting others who many not believe as you do.

You can expect a casual atmosphere, live music, and challenging messages that are rooted in scripture and relevant to your life.



Kids are beloved by God and important to us too!  We have optional kids classes that meet during the message time each week for all kids ages 1-7 and a small group for 3-5th Graders.  Our committed volunteers will teach them about faith on their own level.  

Other Notes

Because we are a church of many churches, not all of our congregation will be in every Sunday Morning Gathering.  Many of our people have committed to Neighborhood Churches where they meet for relational discipleship on two Sundays per month.