These are the four classes offered on a rotating basis throughout the year.  This is good way to learn about our church, our mission, and discipleship framework. Completion of these four classes is required to be placed in a Neighborhood Church.  Read a short description of each class and then see the schedule below.   Please watch the video with the corresponding class before coming.

Jan 14 - Class 1

Jan 21 - Class 2

Feb 4 - Class 3

Feb 11 - Class 4

Watch before attending Class 1

Class 1 Vision and values

In this class you will learn about the Vision and Values of The Table Church.  You will also gain understanding of why we do church and discipleship the way we do.  You will see, and hopefully share in, the passion for our mission to restore relationships.  You will also gain an understanding of what a Neighborhood Church is and how they function.


The Gospel Story Week 2


Class 2 Story of god

In this class you will learn that the Bible is all really one story and why we live to worship it's hero; Jesus.  You will begin to understand how your story is actually a small picture of the whole story of the world.  This is the story we share with the world!


Class 3 The Gospel Story

In this class you will learn what The Gospel story is.  This prepares you to minister to others relationally because what everyone really needs from you is The Gospel.  How do you encourage someone? The Gospel. How do you challenge someone? The Gospel.  How to help someone who is hurting?  The Gospel.


Class 4 The cost of Community

In this class you get the gritty truth about the sacrifices we must make to truly live in Biblical community and discipleship relationships with each other.  A picture will be painted of the beautiful blessing that comes from choosing to live a radical life in true community with others.  


There is no need to register for Foundations Classes.  Just show up!  Limited childcare will be available.  If you have questions please contact us at It's best if you can take the classes in order, but not essential.  If you miss a week, pick it up next time