At  The Table, relationships are more than a priority. They are essential to our D.N.A.  They are formative to how we grow in Christ as His followers, and where we experience life in Him to the fullest.   At The Table, we do not focus on a lot of activities, life is busy enough, but what you will find is relationships.  Real, honest ones.  That is why we meet weekly in groups of committed members.  Groups meet at different times in homes, coffee shops, and businesses throughout the week.

D.N.A. Groups are small groups of people committed to:

Divine Truth- The study of God’s truth.

Nurturing Community- Admitting weakness, calling out greatness, and praying together in spiritual community.

Apostolic Mission-  This mission is simple; tell others about Jesus and invite them to experience a community of Christians living out missional DNA.  This leads to DNA Group Multiplication.

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