Proverbs: Wisdom That Works

I live in Nebraska.  It is what is known as a "flyover state".  That means that there isn't much to do and see here, so ideally you would fly over it en route to a more interesting and engaging place.  I think many of us look at the book of proverbs that way.  It's a "fly over book".  It doesn't have the engaging emotionalism of Psalms, so we jump over it on the way to New Testament.  

Proverbs contains the stuff of real life. It is a collection of observations from a very wise man made about living in a spiritual world.  Maybe it is the most practical book of the Bible?  I will be preaching from Proverbs until Christmas.  Do you have a favorite Proverb you would like to hear about?  Maybe a theme of Proverbs that is unsettling to you  Please submit it below and I might be able to include it in the series.  

Thanks for your help!

Pastor Tyler